This is for you if:

  • You are driven by purpose

    I have designed this course for high achievers, changemakers or leaders, who are driven by values and strong sense of purpose, and have experience with or are interested in yoga, meditation and personal development.

  • You live your life soulful & heart-based

    Those who are soulful and heart-based, have many social, family, and work commitments, and deeply care about living a healthy balanced life. For those who are passionate about living well and being a force.

  • You want to boost your energy

    This immersion is designed to support you in boosting your energy by simple adjustments to your lifestyle, commitments and habits, so you can incorporate effective techniques that bring greater ease, joy and achievement.

Results of this course:

Take a deep breath and imagine for a moment that you wake up feeling energized, clear about your essential priorities, inspired for a new day. And at the end of your day you feel relaxed, accomplished, and on track.

  • You feel awake and clear about how you use your energy, what bigger purpose and dreams you are making consistent progress towards.

  • You feel creative and inspired to design meaningful experiences for your family and friends.

  • You feel it’s easier to follow through on your commitments to yourself, your family, and your goals. You feel balanced in tending to your relationships, personal health and wellbeing, and work in the world.

  • This is possible for you utilizing the techniques in this immersion, and being supported by a community of committed soulful people choosing to be examples for their families and communities of what’s possible in living on purpose and in peace even amidst challenge and crisis.

  • You will boost your energy levels, assess what is draining your energy, get clarity on what you really want to be spending your precious energy on, and redefine what you give your focus to.


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I used to feel constantly overwhelmed.

Panch Nishan Khalsa

I used to feel constantly overwhelmed, behind on things….just keeping up! I was overcommitted, giving my energy to too many different projects which diverted my capacity for impact. Saying yes to everything was my MO and it often left me maxed out. Finding balance between spending time with my child, nurturing my partnership, living my purpose and work in the world and still having time for self care and nourishment was a constant battle. Sometimes I felt like a victim to circumstance. I was trying to do everything…not sustainable or efficient, I don’t recommend it! …. Now….. I am more awake to my energy flow & what I give my energy to. I am clear on the ideal state I want to live in, active & ambitious in the world to create positive change with EASE. Relaxed and accomplished. I have more energy, take care of myself, and feel focused, inspired and driven by my purpose. My actions have greater impact with less effort. And I get more dates with my husband! More joy! When I get off beat…which I still do, now I experience it more like a dance and can quickly get back into a groove that I like to move to! This course will help you create your own energy metaphor and discover ways to anchor back into your ideal state when you loose it.

Course Overview:

Connect to your purpose, increase your energy, refine your focus, multiply your impact. This course offers you the chance to both boost your energy levels, get clarity on what you really want to spend your precious energy on and retool what you give your focus to. Through a daily practice of kundalini yoga, meditation, breathwork and self reflection you will be able to touch your purpose, your essence and take this time to come home to yourself. Nurture your reserves, charge your batteries, increase your happiness. Identify what drains you, what energizes you, and make conscious choices moving forward. Sustainably use this precious gift of life, gift of prana, gift of energy as you activate your purpose and share your own special gifts with this world. TIME COMMITMENT: 25 - 45 minutes a day FORMAT: Virtual Course delivered by videos and live calls.

Whats included:

  • Daily Meditation - A 40 day 11 minute meditation challenge with inspiration, motivation and support.

  • 6 Kundalini Yoga Sets - Each week a new video class will be available guiding you through a practice of Kundalini Yoga. Designed to fit into busy peoples schedules, the yoga practice will range from 15 minutes – about 30 minutes.

  • 6 Self Reflection & Inspiration Videos - Every week we will explore a different theme that introduces the yoga set and helps to integrate the changes of yoga & meditation OFF the mat through exploring questions and coaching tools for self reflection.

  • 5 Bonus tools - Tool Set to support you in daily life, short & sweet to live a life of excellence.

  • Community Forum - Access to a private Community Support Forum throughout the course and interaction with Panch Nishan and other Energy Management Immersion participants taking the course at the same time.

Pricing Options

I want to have you in this Immersion with me because I know this course will support your momentum, putting things in motion that are meant to be in motion in your life right now!


  • I can't get trough the payment process, what can I do?

    If you have any problems please send us an email to [email protected].

  • Will I have access to the course after the 6 weeks?

    Yes, for everyone who needs a bit more time to go through the content, that we are providing in the course, we offer to access all videos for 6 more weeks. So you have access to the course in total for 12 weeks.

  • Where will the course be hosted on?

    We created this amazing platform for you, where you can access all the videos online with a very user friendly structure.

  • What exactly is a Self Reflection Exercise?

    Being a longterm Kundalini Yoga Practicioner I realised that some times even a strong practice like Kundalini Yoga needs some support. I myself benefited greatly from my coaching experiences in my early twenties. It really helps to integrate so we can really tap the answers inside. Every week there is a special alchemy between yoga sets and these exercise. The tools themselves help us so much, but we also need to work on our own capacitiy to integrate the changes that come about into our daily live.

  • I already know some yoga and meditation, and can find free videos online, how is this different?

    It’s true there’s great yoga and meditation resources online however they to following through on taking the actions that will make the biggest difference for you is to simplify by having a trusted teacher share specific suggestions (saves a lot of wondering and research time), and having the group container and energy and accountability to do it which gives you a boost of momentum and creates a new normal for you.

  • I recently lost my job and am not sure spending money on this program is the best choice for me right now.

    In order to address people in different financial situations please contact us [email protected] to find a payment plan that works for you. If you have the financial freedom this course is a great support for yourself in creating a high energy that will also help you through a period of unemployment or uncertainty. Rather than being in anxiety and overwhelm let’s use this momentum to reboot.

  • Is the course in English only?

    The course language is English only. We are working to also provide content with subtitles in German in the future.